F1 2016: New Details Released
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F1 2016: New Details Released

May 28, 2016
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An Introduction To F1 2016

New details of the latest installment in the ever so popular Formula One game series have been released just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix. Codemasters have seemingly pulled out all the stops to make sure that this is the most immersive Formula One game to date. Codemasters managed to license the Formula One games back in 2009 and have had a series of ups and downs with their releases of the various Formula One titles since. They’ve struggled in the past to create an identity for their Formula One titles, as the games seemed to have been pushed out more as a contractual requirement than as a true build on to what was previously done.

This title seems different however, and first impressions give a positive outlook for the series. A lot of emphasis was put on the re-addition of the popular Career Mode which was controversially pulled from the game in 2015. The features in this years Career Mode are nothing short of outstanding, and one can tell that a lot of thought was put into it. It looks as though Codemasters have really listened to their audiences and have delivered on what they’ve been asked for from within multiple online communities.

The Career Mode will allow players to create their own legend in the game. Players can race up to 10 seasons throughout their career. Three more seasons than in previous titles. Players will be able to select an avatar, customize their helmet, and select their unique racing number to carry with them throughout their Formula One career. Players will also be given free reigns with regards to choosing a team to start their Formula One career with. This is a great addition as it allows players to choose their favorite teams right off the cuff, or if they prefer a more traditional challenge, they can select one of the lower tier teams and work their way through the system.

Whilst players are afforded the opportunity to select any of the teams on the grid to begin their career, each team comes with it’s own objectives for the season. Be assured that there will be a challenge for all skill levels in Career Mode for 2016. Players can earn contracts, move between teams, or build a team of their own choosing into title contenders.

With the introduction of the Practice Development Program, players can participate in Research and Development testing to help their team with upgrades for their cars. These upgrades will be vital in helping teams develop a winning race car. This is really a welcome addition to the series and hasn’t been seen in a Formula One game in over a decade, since Formula One 2004 from EA Sports.

Players will also navigate the game hub inside their teams hospitality area. This is another welcome addition and should make for a pleasant aesthetic feel  right from the word GO. Previously players were able to navigate the game hub in the paddock itself. This feature was however removed in 2012 as the series went to a more traditional navigation system.

Career Mode won’t be the only re-addition to the game this year. The safety car makes a comeback in two formats. Both the Traditional and the Virtual safety cars will feature in this years Formula One game. This will make for some exciting playing and will bring another element of strategy into the mix for players. This will open up a lot of new opportunities during races and will certainly add to the immersion factor.

The final addition to this years installment will be the circuit of Baku in Azerbaijan. This is the latest street circuit on the Formula One calendar, and it looks as though it will provide a real challenge to players. Navigating the streets of Baku and claiming the inaugural win will take a combination of bravery and skill. As two of the most grueling street circuits on the calendar, Baku and Monaco will certainly be regarded as two of the most rewarding wins of a players career in F1 2016.

We’re very excited to get our hands on F1 2016. We’re hoping that this will finally be the title to cement Codemasters footing on the series, and finally give the game the identity it’s been missing for the past 7 years. Codemasters are still to release more details on the game in the coming weeks and months. We’re waiting with bated breath to see what else we can expect in the latest installment of the Formula One game franchise. We’ll release those details as and when we receive them.

Are you excited for F1 2016? Which team will you start your Formula One career with? Let us know in the comments below.

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