The Curious Case Of Nico Rosberg – 2016 Mid-Season Review
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The Curious Case Of Nico Rosberg – 2016 Mid-Season Review

August 13, 2016
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Nico Rosberg Off To A Winning Start

After winning the opening four races of the season and his team mate blighted by multiple car issues it looked like Nico Rosberg was going to run away and get his first elusive title.

Turn 1, turn 2, turn 3, turn 4, BANG. The moment that Rosberg and Hamilton got a little too friendly and went flying in to the sand trap of turn four at the Circuit de Catalunya. The Spanish Grand Prix an absolute write off and a new superstar was born in Max Verstappen.

Monaco came next and the real frailty of Nico Rosberg started to show. Apparently there was a car issue. It seems however, that Rosberg is just fundamentally slow in the wet.

Never Given An Inch

Rosberg simply let by his three-time world champion team mate and played the team game. If we look back at when this situation has been reversed, Hamilton has never given an inch let alone a position. Hamilton was stamping and stating his authority on the most individual team sport you will ever come across. Hamilton has developed his mind in to this and his ferocious tenacity has taken him to three world titles.

Canada showed this again when Hamilton got his elbows out. Where we saw Rosberg shortcut turn one but slip down the lower half of the top ten. Hamilton then went off at a canter to win and Rosberg could never show any kind of pace after the start.

A Relatively Easy Win

The new race in Baku saw Rosberg back on form. It was more down to Hamilton’s own error though that more so gifted the German a relatively easy win. This on a day when most teams could not get the tyres in to a decent working window.

Since Baku the next four races have been Hamilton victories. Relatively comfortable wins at that. It is the German Grand Prix which was found to be the most interesting. Hamilton is already quoted as saying, “I turned the engine mode down on lap two”. There’s have no doubt in that as when Ricciardo was able notch it up, he had pulled eight tenths in two sectors.

Difficulty Digging Deep

Rosberg was on different tyres to the Red Bull drivers. It was very apparent and obvious though that Hamilton had at least a second advantage in his pocket. That would be in just turning up the engine and not even his own ability. Rosberg by contrast could not even get up to the back of the Red Bull. Once he is on the back foot it seems Rosberg has difficulty digging deep and fighting back. Forwards contrast that to Hamilton and you are more likely to see some big fight backs from him.

A Swansong For Mercedes

The 2016 season is a swansong for Mercedes. The 2017 regulation shake-up has potential to disrupt the German mark. Unless Rosberg uses the summer break to really get his head back in the game, then expect Hamilton to change his 3x to 4x world champion. Red Bull are flirting with the Silver Arrows rear end as well. This means Rosberg may need to look in his mirrors just as much as he is looking forwards.

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